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Autonomous Mobility Solutions

Founded by seasoned fleet managers and highly successful technology entrepreneurs, Beep specializes in delivering the next generation of passenger mobility services for cities, townships, campuses, business districts, retail centers and private communities.  Our electric, autonomous Mobility-as-a-Service offerings provide an alternative to personal transportation, or a means of transportation for those lacking it, to conveniently and safely access important goods and services in the public and private communities we serve.  Our autonomous, electric, multi-passenger shuttles provide a reliable and safe mode of mobility for controlled speed environments while delivering the ultimate rider experience. 

Beep’s autonomous mobility platform provides a safe and efficient movement of riders on predefined routes and destinations.  Coupled with our fleet orchestration software, we deliver passenger mobility networks that allow for connecting many locations on both public and private roads.  This results in greatly enhanced safety for these communities by both removing cars from the streets and by using an autonomous vehicle platform that reacts ten times faster than a human can when faced with a potential incident on the road.  Fewer cars equal less traffic congestion and fewer parking issues as well.  Additionally, these electric shuttles are having a positive, proven impact on the environment. 

Beep managed services provide a turn-key solution for our customers.  Beginning with an initial route planning and feasibility analysis and extending through regulatory approvals, mapping, and commissioning of the shuttles, Beep manages all aspects of putting your mobility service into production.  We also conduct the ongoing operations, monitoring, maintenance, and management of the autonomous fleet thus ensuring a highly successful and reliable service for the long-term.




Beep has exclusive and preferred partnerships with key hardware, software, and vehicle providers which comprise our autonomous shuttle solutions. 

A standard autonomous shuttle provides comfortable transportation for up to 10-12 passengers.  It is equipped with the latest in scanners, sensors, and cameras which enable the shuttles to perceive and react accordingly to their environment much like a human driver would.  With one major exception being that an autonomous shuttle is never distracted as its “eyes” are always on the road.  The incorporation of AI-related technologies and smart infrastructure further contributes to a safe and predictable mobility service that enhances safety in every deployment. 

Our mobility services cover 2-4 mile routes on average and are operating on public and private roads in both mixed traffic and dedicated lane deployments.  Today these shuttles travel on roads with posted speeds of 25mph or less but this operating domain is advancing steadily as a result of R&D investments driven by the learnings of our early deployments


Multi-passenger, autonomous, electric shuttles delivered as a service to public and private communities across many domains will have a dramatic impact in many areas.


  • Safety – Autonomous vehicles will reduce the reality of human error which is the cause of 85% of all accidents on our roadways.  When combined with a reduction of cars on the roadways due to this mobility service, improved safety is the result for every community we serve.

  • Mobility for All – Transportation has been transformed by many innovations not the least of which is ride-sharing services. Today’s generation is demanding mobility alternatives and, in order to compete, communities will need to provide them.  Key constituents such as the disabled and elderly also require access to services where they live. 

  • Sustainability – In an initial two-mile route operating just 8 hours a day, one customer was able to remove approximately 8,000 gas vehicles from the roads in their first five months of operation.


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