Beep Attendant Training

Prior to becoming a Beep Shuttle Attendant, candidates are required to undergo training which consists of theory and practical approaches to understanding the AV shuttle technology.


Theory Training

  • Review of AV Technology

  • Shuttle Orientation and features

  • Start-up / shut down protocols and daily inspection requirements

Practical Training

  • Manual operation on closed track

  • Autonomous operation on closed track

  • Autonomous operation on pre-programmed, NHTSA approved route

  • Certification exam and operation demonstration

The above is meant to provide attendants with the knowledge base to become an effective shuttle attendant. On-going retraining and continuing education is paramount as autonomous shuttles routes evolve along with software updates.

Attendants with Shuttle_6 15 20.jpg

The team at Beep is made up of forward-thinking technologists that want to change the game, reinvent mobility and be a part of something that progresses humankind. Interested in coming aboard?