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Jacksonville, Florida

Use Case

Public and private partnership with a transit authority to help support the rigorous testing of Autonomous Vehicles in order to achieve expanded operating domains

“Those communities that prepare themselves for this new technology will be the communities that can leverage it for economic development, helping our customers travel more efficiently, and most importantly, they need to do it safely,” Nathaniel P. Ford Sr., Chief Executive Officer of the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA)

"Jacksonville first responders learn ins and outs of future autonomous vehicles" - Jacksonville.com on August 15,2019

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Project Description

JTA is engaged in testing various AV initiatives at its Autonomous Solutions Testing Environment located in Jacksonville, Florida. 


Their initiative focuses on solutions such as AV Shuttles and Autonomous kits that will be suitable for their Ultimate Urban Circulator (U2C) Project in the Jacksonville urban core.  Multiple vehicles and autonomous solutions from the industry are expected to be tested and evaluated in order to develop specifications and validation for the U2C Project.  


Beep is participating in the test program by providing autonomous shuttles, and expert services supporting technical and operational requirements.  Of note, Beep is working with the agency to train and certify their operational staff, test the various features and functions of the shuttles, and support key events that promote community and industry awareness for the JTA’s forthcoming U2C Project. 


Part of the operational support includes training first responders on how to address potential incidents involving autonomous vehicles. This training is one of Beep’s services and part of its mission to enable innovators like JTA to advance their autonomous technology solutions in a way that is pragmatic and practical, with a rigorous focus on public safety and security. Read more here.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, both organizations established a public-private partnership with Mayo Clinic in Florida as an extension of their test and learn program. The team was able to plan, deploy, and manage a fully autonomous fleet of shuttles to transport COVID-19 samples collected from a drive-thru testing site to another building on the property for testing. Read more here.

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Ultimate Urban Circulator Program



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"...round trips every day since March 30..." - Daily Mail UK

"...maintains social distancing..." - Fox News Channel

"...is the future of mass transit..." - Jacksonville.com


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