Beep and Local Motors Expand Autonomous Shuttle Fleet and Testing with Olli

Beep, a Florida-based autonomous Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) provider and Local Motors by LM Industries, the world’s first and only digital vehicle manufacturer, today announced the arrival of Olli, a fully electric, autonomous, 3D-printed shuttle in Lake Nona. Lake Nona is a 17-square-mile planned, neo-urban community by Tavistock Development Company where Beep is headquartered, and operates the largest and longest running autonomous shuttle mobility network in the country.

The addition of Olli to Beep’s growing autonomous mobility network in Lake Nona will allow both companies to continue the advancement of autonomous shuttle testing by placing Local Motors’ Olli 1.0, its first-generation shuttle, in real-world environments and various mixed-traffic scenarios. Beep and Local Motors will introduce the community to the new platform with the Olli 1.0 and further testing on public roads with the delivery of an Olli 2.0, its second-generation shuttle, by late Q1 of 2021.

“Adding Olli to our existing deployment where we are headquartered only furthers our commitment to continued safe testing and operation on public roads. Lake Nona is a living lab and being able to add Olli to our fleet allows Beep to prove out these technologies and provide passengers with the most advanced autonomous platforms that will enhance their experience onboard,” said Joe Moye, CEO of Beep.

Made in the U.S., Local Motors produces Olli in Knoxville, Tennessee with one of the world’s largest 3D-printers. Olli is an 80% 3D-printed, level five autonomous, and recyclable vehicle. It is powered by two electric hub motors in the rear wheels with a full sensor array consisting of LiDAR, radar, GPS, and cameras to ensure precise vehicle location and enriched vehicle reaction through point cloud mapping. Olli is equipped with Robotic Research’s AutoDrive autonomy kit, which allows the vehicle to think, perceive and navigate in diverse, mixed-traffic environments. The AutoDrive autonomy kit provides driver-warning, driver-assist and fully autonomous functionality on a variety of surfaces such as urban-improved roads and off-road terrain.

“As a U.S. manufacturer, we have been committed to testing and operating on American public roads, said Vikrant Aggarwal, President of Local Motors. “We’ve been testing and validating Olli’s capabilities for years, and this deployment at Lake Nona will only further prove the safety and reliability of Olli. Beep has been a pioneer in autonomy, and as safe transportation is more needed than ever, we’re looking forward to working together to bring our shuttles to communities throughout the U.S.”

Olli will operate within Beep’s autonomous shuttle network in Lake Nona initially launched in September 2019. Currently, the network consists of four routes and provides connectivity to the community’s key destinations such as retail, residential, recreational and medical areas. As the autonomous vehicle mobility network expands in Lake Nona, Beep and Local Motors will evaluate other areas to expand vehicle implementation and testing within the planned development based on the Olli’s features and capabilities.

“In Lake Nona, we’re focused on creating infrastructure that enables tomorrow’s ideas to become a reality,” said Tavistock Group Senior Managing Director Rasesh Thakkar. “The success of the Move Nona autonomous shuttle program, powered by our partners at Beep, is a great example of what’s possible when forward-thinking concepts have an opportunity to be tested and refined. We’re excited to welcome Local Motors and the Olli shuttle into our innovation ecosystem as we continue to define the future of mobility here in Lake Nona.”

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