Celebrating One Year On the Road

September 18, 2019, marked a day of change for Beep and Tavistock Development Company's master planned community Lake Nona. It was the first day of service for the autonomous shuttles in the 17-square-mile planned development located 7 miles south of Orlando International Airport in the City of Orlando. The autonomous vehicles are part of a broader mobility initiative called Move Nona.

The launch consisted of a one-mile route along the main boulevard connecting the Laureate Park Village Center at the heart of the residential community and the Town Center, which at the time was also in the middle of its own growth with new restaurants opening up and businesses moving in. Fast forward a year later and the expansion has been exponential. In addition to the rise of multi-story buildings, Beep has also continued to grow its offerings to meet the demands of the community and passengers by quadrupling the number of routes and autonomous shuttles operating on the road.

In partnership with Tavistock Development Company, Beep is currently operating the largest and longest running autonomous shuttle mobility network in the country. With four routes and eight shuttles in service, the autonomous vehicles create a micro-transit network providing residents with a safer, more efficient, and eco-friendly transportation alternative with access to the Town Center, Boxi Park, Pixon Apartments, Laureate Park Village Center, area model homes, the recreational area of the community, including a City of Orlando public park, and Orlando VA Medical Center. Read more at

Company Growth

Beep has also experienced substantial growth in addition to its legacy project in Lake Nona. The company has accomplished several firsts since launching its inaugural route. These include partnerships with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Jacksonville Transportation Authority, Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority, City of Peoria, and Pinellas Suncoast Transit Agency.

Notable achievements include:

· Selection as the only service provider for the Federal AV TEST Initiative

· Autonomous delivery of COVID-19 Tests without an attendant onboard

· Delivering the first Olli 2.0 in the United States

· Autonomous shuttle service with a transit agency in an urban environment

The Future

Beep’s expansion will continue throughout 2020 and will be further enhanced by its new 10,000 square-foot headquarters opening before the end of the year. The cornerstone of the facility will be the Beep Command Center which will provide constant monitoring of the fleet in all deployment areas to ensure safe operation and vehicle performance across the fleets. 3,000 square-feet will be dedicated to an innovation lab that will serve as a collaborative space for strategic players in the autonomous vehicle eco-system to advance research and development.

Riders will soon have an enhanced experience with the launch of the Ride Beep App set for launch in mid-October for both Android and iOS platforms. The app is the first step to providing passengers the ability to reserve seating on the shuttle in advance for same day of service, and ultimately schedule and hail rides thus making mobility even more convenient for all.

New projects are also on the horizon for the company with two additional launches planned in November in Saint Petersburg and Port Saint Lucie. Growth of the Lake Nona network will continue as well in the future with planning underway to implement a 25+ autonomous shuttle network with the help of a $20M USDOT BUILD grant for a mobility network, which will include 22 miles of multi-modal pathways. Beep is always on the move!

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