Coming Soon: The Beep Traveler App

Beep App: 3 Questions with Beep’s CTO, Clayton Tino

When will the Beep Traveler app be available?

Beep will be launching the app later this summer, 2020.  The app will be available free of charge in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

What will users be able to do with the Beep Traveler App?

The Beep Traveler app will provide a real-time view of the Beep shuttles and routes in your local area.  Travelers will be able to find information on service hours, stop locations, as well as arrival times for shuttles on the roadway to help better plan your trip.

What can we expect from the Beep Traveler app in the future?

The Beep app will evolve as autonomous vehicle technology matures. In the near-future, riders will be able to reserve a seat on the shuttle in advance for the same day of service.


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