Ride Beep App Now Available

Tracking your next ride on Beep’s autonomous shuttles just became easier. Meet Ride Beep, now available for download in Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Clayton Tino, Beep’s CTO, explains how the app will enhance the rider experience in Beep’s current service areas.

What can riders expect when they download the app?

The goal of Ride Beep is to make it easier and more convenient to locate and ride our shuttles. We want to provide riders more information about our service, such as where our shuttles operate, when you can expect to see them on the road, and where they are in real-time. When you log in to Ride Beep for the first time, we’ll find the Beep service are nearest you, and you’ll be able to browse the routes and schedules needed to help complete your journey.

One of the more interesting things about Ride Beep is that it presents the full autonomous transit network that we’ve deployed in the Lake Nona community. Most people are familiar with our initial route that runs between Boxi Park and Laureate Park Village Center, but we have launched several new routes since August, and Ride Beep presents a centralized view presenting how our shuttles pull together different areas of the Lake Nona community.

How will the app and its capabilities evolve over time?

Ride Beep will become the primary way you interact with our shuttles and service. In the coming months, we’re excited to bring new capabilities to our riders, such as a rider loyalty program and the ability to request a ride from your current location.

How will this enhance the rider experience?

It’ll be a more convenient way to understand how to make use of our service. Ride Beep will also provide us the ability to interact more with the community beyond the shuttles themselves. Whether it is a rider loyalty program, promotions or book a future ride, the community will experience most of the change with what we offer as well as the evolution of our service in Lake Nona and other deployment areas.

Experience Ride Beep today. Track your next ride by downloading the app in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and take the hassle out of your next trip.


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