Shuttle Testing During Downtime

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Just like the operating software on your cellphone, our shuttles need an update every so often too.

Our Beep team has been busy upgrading the operating software on our shuttles. Making sure our shuttles are equipped with the most recent software update is critical to advancing the use of autonomous technologies.

With the constant improvements in functionality and safety, we need to ensure our shuttles are equipment with the latest software version to enhance how the shuttles process the information from the environment.

This ensures an improved shuttle experience for passengers onboard our shuttles and the drivers who share the road with our autonomous vehicles.

Here’s how we upgrade our shuttles:

First, our shuttles are parked in our transit hub and plugged in to be charged, then we connect them through the cellular 3g/4g networks to our shuttle manufacture, NAVYA for updates. It’s similar to how your cellphone needs to charged while connected to the internet when you download updates. This process could take up to a few hours.

Once the update is successfully loaded, we test the shuttle on the road. This process is an important step because we want to make sure the update is performing how it is intended. As with every test, safety is our top priority. It’s one of the main reasons we conduct this part of the process outside of scheduled service times and at night when there are fewer vehicles on the road. 

Testing the upgrades on the existing route currently connecting Town Center Boxi Park, Pixon and Canvas is very important. We run through the route continuously to ensure the shuttle is handling the route as intended.

As you can see the whole process takes time to ensure safety for riders and its one we have to replicate for each of our eight shuttles.

So while you might not be able to board our shuttles now, just know we’re busy making sure the next time we see you again, the rider experience will be better than you last rode with us.

See you soon!


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