Take a Look Under the Hood

Last week, we wrapped up our First Responder Training for the Beep shuttles soon to be deployed in Lake Nona, Florida. The training included 4 sessions with First Responders from City and County Fire Departments, Police and EMTs. First Responders learned about the shuttle and how to engage with it should they encounter it at a scene, including disabling it, towing it and accessing the passenger cabin and emergency controls. They also learned to drive it in manual mode.

Orlando Police Officers checking under the hood of the autonomous shuttle during training.

Safety is top of mind at Beep. As our CEO, Joe Moye told attendees, “The transportation industry is evolving dramatically right now, with more autonomous technology than ever making its way onto our roads. Our commitment and responsibility for making sure people are moving around safely on our shuttles is our priority and this training ensures that First Responders are familiar with the vehicles and can confidently interact with them should the need arise.”

Check out some some stories and videos on the training. A big thanks to everyone who participated and made this training a success!

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