Robo Ride

Peoria, Arizona

Use Case

Autonomous shuttle test program with the City of Peoria to provide a new mobility service for residents and visitors within their entertainment district

“Peoria has found a fantastic partner in Beep to explore this new technology. Beep handles all the permitting, all the programming, and all the training. We focus on how we want to use the technology and how we get our community involved. It’s been great.” Kevin Burke, Public Works Director, City of Peoria, Arizona. 

Project Description

The City of Peoria has partnered with Beep for its first autonomous mobility project. This program is designed to understand the feasibility of using autonomous vehicles alongside current transportation options as well as assess ridership adoption, behaviors, and patterns. 

These autonomous shuttles began service on February 22, 2020, in the P83 Entertainment District in mixed traffic that includes pedestrians and vehicles along Arrowhead Fountain Center Drive from Huntington University to Paradise Lane. The shuttle travels on Arrowhead Fountain Center Drive with four stops in the diverse entertainment area with hotels, restaurants, a spring training sports complex, and a university. 


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“We are thrilled to be in partnership with Beep to launch this new project in the city of Peoria. It is an ideal environment to showcase the ways in which driverless vehicles integrate seamlessly in our everyday lives and can serve as a model for other cities in North America,” said Jerome Rigaud, COO of NAVYA Group. 

Launch Day

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City of Peoria, Arizona


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