Beep and Lake Nona are leading the way for mobility transformation within our community with the launch of our new autonomous mobility services. We can customize a branded advertising experience to reach a highly qualified, influential, targeted and captive audience in a dramatic and innovative fashion so you can:

  • Strengthen awareness and presence

  • Drive new customers to your business

  • Differentiate your brand and be associated with innovation and sustainability

  • Be an early participant in the next generation of passenger mobility


Presenting Sponsor Program

  • Brand awareness for long-term advertising and promotions

  • Full and partial wrap of shuttle exterior

  • Special pricing and bundling options available

Exterior Wrap Options

  • Multiple locations on shuttle available

  • Windows, doors, and both sides of shuttle available


Static and Video Ads

  • Captive audience for 6-8 minutes

  • 2 high-quality display screens per shuttle with simultaneous broadcasts

  • Digital displays allow short-term promotions and ability to rotate messages

Samplings and Giveaways

The attendant on the shuttle can be engaged to distribute promotional items during the shuttle rides. Examples include:

  • Product samples

  • Promotional giveaways

  • Coupons

  • Branded takeaways

  • Contest engagement

  • Experiential marketing

  • Live reads

  • Branded ambassador

Production of creative and graphics for advertising to be provided by the advertiser.

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