Move Nona

Lake Nona, Florida (Tavistock Development)

Use Case

Creating a mobility network within a planned community that connects residential, commercial, retail, recreational, and medical services within an 17-square-mile development


​"Tavistock’s continued efforts to bring new and innovative solutions to Lake Nona is part of our mission to create an enriching environment that ensures residents, businesses and visitors have an incredible experience. NAVYA’s driverless shuttles and Beep’s autonomous mobility solutions provide an intelligent, fluid, and environmentally-friendly transportation option. We look forward to integrating this new shuttle service into our larger Move Nona transportation plan to make it easy for people to explore Lake Nona,” said Jim Zboril, Senior Managing Director, Tavistock Group, the developer behind Lake Nona.

Project Description

The Move Nona autonomous vehicle program launched in September 2019 with an inaugural route connecting residential neighborhoods to a shopping and dining district in the 17-square-mile planned community of Lake Nona.

The service currently runs seven days a week providing mobility access to various parts of the community. A total of four routes are currently in service paving the way for one of the largest autonomous fleets in the world within a single community.


Each one of the routes provides mobility access to different parts of the community and tests different use cases.

Route 1: Green Line

Launched in September 2019, the 1.2 mile route has three stops connecting the Lake Nona Town Center Boxi Park, the Pixon Apartments, and the Laureate Park neighborhood village center. The route operates on a public road with mixed traffic, and navigates through a signalized intersection. The route operates along one of the main roads within the community named Tavistock Lakes Boulevard and provides connections between the retail center of the community to residential neighborhoods. In the first 6 months of operation, the one-mile route has received immense community support transporting 15,000 passengers.

Route 2: Yellow Line

Launched August 2020, the 1.1 mile route has two stops connecting the Laureate Park neighborhood village center and the recreational areas of the community. The route provides direct community access to a city park, Heroes Park, soccer fields, and Nona Adventure Park. The route also operates along public roads navigating crosswalks, stop signs, and primarily operates within residential neighborhoods.

Route 3: Blue Line

Launched in August 2020, the 1.5 mile route is an on-demand service with stops to the various Laureate Park Model Homes and the Laureate Park neighborhood village center. The route is intended to provide potential homebuyers the ability to utilize a self-driving shuttle to explore Lake Nona, the various model homes, and expose them to the technology woven into the fabric of the community. Prior to utilizing the route, passengers have been introduced to the community by the Lake Nona information center.

Route 4: Red Line

Launched October 2020 and expanding in April 2021, the roughly 1 mile route with three stops connects the Lake Nona Town Center, Orlando VA Medical Center, UCF Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences and the UCF College of Medicine. The route is intended to provide employees, visitors, campus employees and students with another transportation option to access the Town Center restaurants for lunch without having to use their personal vehicle. The shuttle stop is also a couple hundred feet from a transit stop providing broader access to a public transit network.

Route 5: Purple Line

Nemours Childrens Hospital Lake Nona - E

Launching April 2021, the Purple line has two stops connecting the Lake Nona Town Center Boxi Park, Nemours Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House. The route operates on both public roads with mixed traffic, navigates through a signalized intersection and utilizes a path dedicated for autonomous vehicles. The route is intended to provide hospital staff, visitors, and residents the ability to leave the campus and access the Town Center restaurants without having to use their personal vehicle. The shuttle stop on the Nemours Children’s Hospital campus is also a shared stop with a public transit provider intended to increase access to the broader public transit network.

BUILDing a Mobility Network

All of Move Nona’s autonomous shuttle routes are a component of Lake Nona’s multimodal transportation strategy to create a seamless, efficient mobility network. A $20 Million BUILD grant will help expand the network and also include a full-service mobility hub, linear park, linear park bridge, infrastructure for autonomous vehicles (AV), and a bicycle transportation network. Expansion of the autonomous network and infrastructure will create more than 25 miles of multimodal paths. Read more: Orange County BUILD grant


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“In Lake Nona, we dreamed of creating an infrastructure that would enable tomorrow’s innovators to thrive… tomorrow is here! As proof, we're excited to advance, along with our two visionary Mayors, the relationship with Beep and NAVYA creating the region’s first autonomous shuttle program launching the future of mobility," said Tavistock Group Senior Managing Director Rasesh Thakkar.


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