Meet Yemane Berhane!

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

We are so excited to welcome Yemane Berhane to Beep! Yemane is responsible for helping to grow the business through the development and deployment of our next generation autonomous mobility solutions.

Take a minute and get to know Yemane a little better through this interview we forced him to do:

Yemane enjoying Switzerland

Describe yourself using only 3 to 5 words:

“That’s a tough one in that few words. If I had to pick, I guess I would go with outgoing, techie and team player.”

What did you do prior to jumping on the Beep bus?

“Before Beep I was at Virtustream, a cloud services company. I was a Director of Cloud Service Delivery. Before that, I was with Jeskell, an IBM business partner, as a Solution Architect. Before that, I was at UxComm as a Senior System Engineer and before that, I was a founding member of technical staff at RLX Technologies, a blade server pioneer that later sold to HP. I started out my career at Nortel as a Software Test engineer then went on to be a Senior Systems Engineer and a Senior Verification Engineer for customers in Europe and North America. See? Techie!”

What do you think you are you best known for?

“Well, I am told that I am always smiling and I am. I believe that a smile is super contagious and among us humans (and, I swear, some dogs) a smile is a universal gesture that connects people around the world. I am also known to be cool under pressure which really helps in the roles that I find myself in! Oh and, the other thing I am kind of known for, is being a bit of a fashionista!”

What do you think about when you’re alone in your car?

“Like most everyone else, I am always thinking about the fastest way to get to my destination and why everyone else seems to be moving faster than I am. I also think about my family and our upcoming activities-- I live for that. And, I find that a quiet commute is a good time to work through issues and challenges on the job or plan and prioritize upcoming projects.”

If you woke up and had 500 unread emails and could only answer 100 of them, how would you choose which ones to answer?

“If I woke up to that, I would likely go right back to bed. Kidding, of course. This isn’t really a hard question. I’d prioritize customer and project communications first then work my way from there.”

What do you do in your free time?

“I like to spend time with my family. I have an amazing wife and two wonderful sons that are very active and enjoy the outdoors. We also love travelling the world."

How do you motivate others?

“I have always believed that they best way to motivate those around you is to lead by setting a good example.”

What did your parents do and how did they influence you?

My parents are both retired. They were both immigrants who worked very hard to help my sister and me get to where we are today. I always say that I got my Dad’s drive and dedication and my mom’s humbleness and heart."

Why did you pick Beep?

“Two reasons. First, the technology—AV solutions, machine learning, AI, IoT, new sensor technologies and on and on. Technology is moving so fast right now and the possibilities for Beep are outrageous. I am very excited about it.

The other deciding factor was the management team. I have a history with these folks. They have already created successful technology companies due to their ability to identify technologies that are disrupting major industries-- ahead of the curve. This is the very nature of Beep.”

What problems do you work to solve for your customers?

“Our customer typically manages a fleet or a mobility solution for their customers or employees. We provide them with an autonomous electric transportation solution that relieves congestion issues and provides people with an alternative and safe way to move around."

What would your college roommate say about you?

I guess that depends which one you ask <laughs>. I am hoping they would all say good things about me-- like that I am outgoing, helpful, driven and all sorts of positive things. I also like to meet new people and have fun so I'll just say, I enjoyed my college years."

How do you see yourself commuting 10 years from now in 2029?

Cruising along in a fully autonomous driverless car, of course! Or, on an autonomous shared mobility option that grew from a hype startup called Beep."


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