Autonomous vehicles are driving the next wave of disruption in the transportation segment and there is already tremendous demand for AV as operators seek to reduce transportation costs, passenger incidents and carbon footprint-- all while improving the ride experience of their customers.


At Beep, we simplify this transition for our clients by providing services tailored to their stage of maturity.


We can assist with feasibility studies, including cost benefit analysis and applicable regulatory requirements.

It starts with understanding the objectives of our clients and determining what mobility solutions fit best. Our knowledge of emerging national, state and local AV standards is then combined with our industry expertise to estimate the activities and subsequent costs associated with compliance.


We then assess implementation and ongoing costs, leveraging information from projects across the world. Finally, we build business cases associated with the specific requirements of our clients, enabling them to either pursue or defer their plans.

The end-to-end execution of an AV initiative can be quite daunting. Many of the foundational technologies are new and proprietary, project plans are hard to come by, and experienced resources are all but impossible to find. We can help you through that journey.

Our experts can help with the commissioning of your solution, including infrastructure preparation and logistics support. We can provide the mapping services to establish initial GPS and visual coordinates to optimize the safety and reliability of routes. In addition, we can train your personnel on how to operate and maintain the systems. Our services can include the project management and implementation services necessary to ensure the client’s acceptance criteria is met at a solution level.


Even the best business cases can fail to meet expectation if the day-to-day operational execution is poor. We provide the people, process and technology required to optimize the economic impact for our clients through our Beep Command Centers (BCCs).

Our services span the lifecycle of operations from strategic through tactical and ultimately the daily transactional execution. Each step of the way we will evolve the platform, keeping software current and continuously improving the quality of service. As part of our remote offerings, we can monitor vehicle movement, interact with passengers, provide in-ride entertainment, and over-ride vehicle systems should the need arise.


Local services are also available if necessary, ranging from plug-in charging, through cleaning and even ride along information guides.





Key Features:

  • Continuous real time monitoring

  • Real time communication/interaction capabilities

  • Rapid response and incident resolution 

  • Ongoing remote diagnosis and troubleshooting 

Beep's Command Center is staffed with trained and dedicated teams that provide centralized command over all routes and vehicles-- whenever and wherever our buses are operating. The staff at the center monitor the vehicles and can communicate, troubleshoot and control the vehicles at anytime to ensure the most comfortable, enjoyable and safe rides possible. In addition, each bus has a Beep attendant aboard to welcome passengers, explain how the vehicle operates, all while maintaining constant contact with the BCC.


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